Garage Door Safety Release

Need some help with your garage door safety release in Abbotsford, British Columbia? You are at the right place. We quickly send technicians to replace a broken emergency release cord and fix any relevant problem. It doesn’t matter what type of opener you’ve got. Or the opener’s brand. If you have an issue with the garage door emergency release mechanism, just reach us.

Garage door safety release Abbotsford problems? Call us now

Garage Door Safety Release Abbotsford

As you likely know, your Abbotsford garage door safety release system is very important. It’s your way to disengage and engage the electric opener whenever you consider it necessary. This is often needed when there’s an emergency. No wonder this red cord you see hanging from the opener’s rail is known as the emergency release cord. When you pull it down, the cord disengages the opener. What happens then? You can open and close the garage door manually. This is important when there’s no power or, for some other reason – usually a visual inspection, you need to move the garage door manually. But what if the cord is broken? Wouldn’t you want it replaced? Our team is here for you.

Can’t release the garage door opener with the cord? Contact our team

The emergency garage door safety release locks or unlocks – when you pull the rope, and gives you the chance to disconnect the opener or reconnect it. Tell us if you are having trouble doing that. Or, if the rope is not broken but worn and you fear that it will snap if you pull it.

Need to ask how to release and reset the garage door opener? Let us be of assistance. Message us. Is the cord broken or nothing happens when you pull it? Hurry to call our team. We can swiftly send a pro to check if there’s a problem with this system and fix whatever is wrong. We like to assure you of our expertise in all opener brands and services. Whichever one you own, leave any problem with the safety release cord to our team. After all, the only thing you need to do is a call and we’ll send a tech your way ASAP. Is that what you want now? Call us. Say what is the problem with your Abbotsford garage door safety release system and how soon we should send you a tech, and breathe easy.

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